Session by Rohit Lalwani

What is a CV? Why is CV important? How does one build an idiosyncratic CV? What should one state in their CV to get an interview call? Avantika University’s final year undergraduate and postgraduate students had a CV building session with the Director of Industry Relation of Avantika University. How does one strike a good impression through their CVs? Will a top-notch company like Goldman Sachs accept my CV?

The session started with questions asked by the Director to the students interning during the pandemic and how was their experience working there, a new skill they learned from the company…

A session by Ryan Singer

Ryan Singer

The internet has come to a point where privacy of data is a bigger issue than remembering our passwords. It is strange how designs lead to consistent patterns, and those patterns leave a trace in our minds which makes us remember things which result in vivid images and have an influence over what we think and how we perceive things. The students of Avantika University had a moment of witnessing a person who is interested in designing, programming, and also looks over the strategic part of the business, Ryan Singer, Head of Strategy at Basecamp.

When Basecamp was a young…

A session by Amod Gijare

An individual’s portfolio represents and speaks volumes about them. It shows what kind of a person they are, reflects the designer in them, and how they let the projects do the talking. So, what do they do that makes their portfolio stand out among thousands of other fellow design aspirants?

To make the final year students understand this query, Avantika University had a valuable speaker from Forbes Marshall, Mr. Amod Gijare. He is the Team Lead Industrial Design interested in detailing and precision backed by strong Technical understanding.

He presented a brief on how Forbes Marshall functions and how the…

A session by Himanshu Khanna

What comes to your mind when you think about Coca-Cola’s logo? What comes in your mind when you think about McDonald’s’, Netflix, Maggi, and Supreme’s logos? Red. That’s right, they are obsessed with red and the energy this tint radiates. Why does that happen? Why is red considered as a dominant colour? Colour is one of the main tactics companies use to connect with their customers.

Red is an interesting colour and can awake a sense of urgency and can increase our appetite. …

Niharika Gupta

Hodophile | Avid reader

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